Some facts about aviation

India is the third largest Domestic market in the world and will shortly become the largest in the world because of the demand of flying by Air in India and creating many jobs for AME aspirants. Only 60% Airspace is being used in India so there are lots of future opportunities. Remaining 40% is still to be utilized for growth. Recently it was announced by the Govt. that India is going to become a global hub for MRO i.e. maintenance and repair of aeroplanes. India is also becoming a Cargo Hub like (Mihan) Nagpur. Total 464 no. of Airports are available in India out of which 124 airports are owned by Airport Authority of India. Many airports / airstrips are in the process of developing in the different parts of India. Total 91 national and International Airlines are being operated in India and many more are coming up shortly. There is ample scope for the development of regional air transport in different states of our country under the “UDAN” RCS (scheme). Many career options are in MROs and Tech Publications also.
Numbers of MROs are increasing every year. There is a shortage of skilled and trained manpower in various Airline in India and abroad and in many aircraft maintenance organizations (MROs). In the coming 10 Years India is targeting to have more than 200 International Airports. All the major industries in India are investing in Aviation like Tata, Mahindra, Bajaj, Reliance, Adani etc.