Practical Facilities

GAE, Gurugram has some major Indian firms approved by DGCA for the mandatory outsourced practical training of its learners in actual working environment on operating Aircraft

In House Practical
  • In AME course, the In-House practical facilities are very important part of the training where the training is imparted at the labs in the college only.
  • GAE,Gurugram has more than 10 most modern labs & workshop.
  • A part from the labs the institute has Learjet Aircraft placed in the campus for the practical demonstrations.
Out Source Practical
  • To produce technically sound and self-disciplined Aircraft Maintenance Engineers
  • Our vision is to become one of Asia Pacific’s leading and respected aviation institute in its class.
  • Providing global employers and society with skilled manpower that is a fundamental requirement for economic success and contribution to the community.
  • To produce world class technocrats who can get good jobs & contribute a lot for fulfilling the dream project of making our dear nation a super power with all progress and prosperity in the nearest possible future.