Fees & Payments

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The fees of GAE- Gurugram is decided by the managing body of this institute and students are offered with different mode of payments and installments to make the fees payment easy for the parents.

Parents may opt to pay the fees either Monthly or Semester Wise as prescribed below:

01 Registration Fee (Non-Refundable) Rs 20,000/-
02 Admission Fee (Non-Refundable) Rs 2,00,000/-
03 Library Fee (One Time) Rs 5,000/-
04 Cost of Uniform (One Time) Rs 5,000/-
01 1st Semester Rs 50,000/-
02 2nd Semester Rs 50,000/-
03 3rd Semester Rs 50,000/-
04 4th Semester Rs 50,000/-
05 5th Semester Rs 50,000/-
06 6th Semester Rs 50,000/-


Rs 5,30,000

Rules & Regulations


  • Expenses incurred during technical visits / Practical at out sourced facilities to the various organizations and DGCA examination fees is borne by the student. Note: The Practical training fees at out sourced facilities may range from Rs. 80,000/- to Rs. 1,20,000/-
  • GST & other Govt. taxes (if applicable) should be paid in addition to the above-mentioned fees as per prevailing Govt. Norms.
  • Semester fess has to be paid by 5th of every semester.
  • Fee for N.R.I. students for full course: Rs.7.5 Lacs (inclusive of registration, practical, library etc.) excluding boarding & lodging.
  • Lodging & Boarding Fee Rs.7000/- (+ service charges as per Govt. rate) per month (optional).




  • Meritorious students with 90% and above in qualifying examination will be granted 10% concession on tuition fees
  • If the total fee is paid in lump sum, 10% concession on tuition fees.


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